Turkey Housing

Turkey Housing - Quick Tips To Help You in Building A Stable Turkey Housing For Your Pets

If you are planning on raising turkeys on your own inside the vicinity of your home, you must be wondering about one of the most important factors involved - turkey housing. This article will give you some idea on the things that you should know about building stable turkey housing for your pets.

You are probably wondering about the correct type of housing that your turkeys need. You should first know that the most ideal housing for them is a garden shed. To be more specific, you will be able to fit in up to three turkeys in one garden shed that has dimensions of 6 x 8 feet. With regard to the given dimensions, it is also important for you to provide additional spaces so that your turkey housing will do its job even though the weather is really bad outside.

You might be aware that Standard and Heritage turkeys actually love the cold weather, but they will not be able to survive if there are snow, rain and winds present. In the same way, your turkeys will also need to have their shelter, most especially during the summer season, to prevent them from being dehydrated. These two reasons just prove and illustrate the true importance of decent turkey housing.

When you are already building the housing for your turkeys, remember that it is needed for you to provide enough ventilation in it; make sure that the ventilation has the right size to allow some air, but not too big to let the turkeys escape, most especially during times when you will not be able to watch them. In addition to the housing that you will provide them, you also need to provide your turkeys a perch where they can sit on whenever the weather is lovely outside.

To finish off your turkey housing, you must make sure that there are enough wood shavings on the flooring of the housing. If you are wondering why, you must know that these absorb most of the moisture produced by the external factors. Second of all, it makes their resting place more comfortable to sleep and rest in; this prevents your turkeys from suffering several problems concerning their feet.

With all the provided information, you should already be able to build proper turkey housing for your pets. Giving them good housing is one way to make sure your turkeys stay healthy and happy.


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