How To Raise Turkeys For Profit

How To Raise Turkeys For Profit – Tips To Help You Make More Profit Raising Turkeys With Less Effort


The basics on how to raise turkeys for profit are not simple, but they aren't difficult to do either. If you are intent on going into this business venture, knowing a few things before you start with it would help you make more profit with less effort.

The first thing in how to raise turkeys for profit is you need to know what kind of turkey to raise. There are three major kinds of turkeys, all originating from the United States. These are the Wild Bronze, the Broad Breasted White, and the Broad Breasted Bronze. Out of these three, the Broad Breasted White is the one mostly used for commercial purposes. This is because this breed has had more selected breeding pressure than the others.

For the housing of your turkeys, a 10 feet by 10 feet enclosure is enough space for a small flock of turkeys. A simple expansion project you can do for any space you have is to build a sun porch. An 8 feet by 10 feet sun porch, along with the above mentioned space is an ideal space for 20 large or 30 small turkeys.

The best feeders are hanging feeders. This is because you can adjust their height depending on the age of your turkeys. As they start off young, you can keep them on the floor and raise them so that the turkeys would not have to bend down when eating. This is because when bending down, they tend to scatter their feed, which would be a waste. For the water, chicken fountains and water pans would do the trick to quench your turkeys' thirst.

There are up to 4 different classes of feeds. If you want to know how to raise turkeys for a profit, you need to invest on these 4 - prestarter, starter, grower, and finisher feeds. As you can deduce from their names, they are given to the turkeys in different stages of their life, from newborns to ready to sell. Purchasing the right feeds make all the difference in getting your turkeys to be attractive to buyers.


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