About Us

My name is Andrew Grey and I’m passionate about turkey, poultries and waterfowls.

'www.howtoraiseturkeys.com' was created out of frustration. I was once searching for information of raising turkey but after doing some research, the time spend was unexpectedly stretch longer as it was scattered everywhere be it over the internet, magazines, books and associations.

So when I was put in a situation that I had to deal with spending a lot of my time and effort understanding the turkey growing development, I decided to compile it into an ebook so that those who are searching for similar information can benefit on the research that I have done. This is how 'The Essential Beginners Guide To Raising Turkeys' ebook was created.

I was delighted to know that raising turkey can be simple if based on those who have done it. If you are like me and interested on how to raise turkeys, what are you waiting for? Save the effort and time of trying to figure out the correct way and eliminate the frustration today!




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